Unblock US – VPN For Streams Abroad

Video on demand services are still very limited in many countries. At the same time you mostly have no access to Hulu or Netflix with certain IP addresses. We show you how you can still use the services – by unblocking them with Unblock US. HBO can now also be received in Germany with Unblock US. *

It’s really annoying. The streaming portals in many countries are not yet what they could be. If you take a look across the pond, you can see what Hulu and Netflix have to offer. However, certain live streams that are freely available in one country may also not be viewable because they are blocked for users with an IP address from abroad.

Unblock US* (or UnblockUS) takes care of this problem – and is much more practical than a VPN client, because it automatically takes over all necessary settings in the background via a DNS service. You just have to surf to the desired website and you are ready to go. But after the free test phase it costs about 4,75 Euro per month.

How Unblock US Works

An IP is the address of the PC, so to speak. This allows the computer to be uniquely identified on the Internet – just like a residential address with street name, house number and postcode. When you surf on a website, it also learns the IP of the respective computer, which is a completely normal process. Of course it becomes stupid if you want to use the BBC iPlayer, but you can’t, because the BBC recognizes that the IP address or the corresponding computer comes from Germany. In this case, the stream is blocked.

Traditional VPN?

Now you can set up a VPN network, of course, this changes the IP address and, to stick to the example, the iPlayer now thinks that the PC is in the United Kingdom (assuming the correct IP address, of course, you won’t get anywhere with an Australian IP either). However, this is quite complex and sometimes very complicated for inexperienced users. Moreover, the speed often leaves much to be desired.

Or Rather Unblock US?

Unblock US* also functions somewhat differently in principle, “forging” location data via a DNS service. The practical thing about it is that you only have to log in and you can easily set in your browser whether the IP address should be changed. So you don’t have to do anything for long, the service promises high speed.

Unblock US supports Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many more

Unblock US supports the following services:

  • NetfliX US
  • Hulu
  • Hulu Plus
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Sky Go
  • Pandora
  • HBO
  • The Disney Channel

UnblockUS on your smartphone, Smart TV and console

Unblock US can in principle be used on all devices that are located in a WLAN, i.e.

  • Mac
  • Xbox 360 / One
  • Wii / Wii U
  • PS 3+4
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple + Google TV
  • Devices with iOS and Android

You first have to decide whether to make certain settings in the router, then all devices in the network have access, or you can only make settings on one device to be able to use Unblock US. For Windows, for example, there is a small configuration program that makes the settings on the PC.