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Disney Started To Go VR

This really is fresh amazing investment made in virtual reality technologies, nevertheless it’s not VR content creation but although in VR headset. Really, the Walt Disney Co. has simply produced a $ 65-million expense in the California-based start up Jaunt VR. Since Disney’s basis, more than $ 100-million has been elevated by Jaunt from Disney as well as additional media investors from Europe and China, being the most-funded impartial virtual reality company to date. As the VR adult industry has already started to boom incredibly, Disney would be insane not making movies very soon in this great technology field. Read more about modern VR Sex Movies.

Disney believes VR films will be the future

It is not Disney’s opening towards virtual-reality: really, some draws are already requiring to wear a VR headset in certain Disney draw parks. This move from Disney reveals that virtual reality films will be the next big thing, and how much the business considers that virtual reality will not be unable to attain the mass market.

Jaunt VR is a virtual-reality firm specialized in creating VR content that is live, but nonetheless, it additionally offers a camera program to capture live movies in 360-degrees. The start-up has already-released live events and immersive videos, such as one of John McCartney playing “Live and Let perish” throughout a concert. With this huge investment Jaunt VR desires to “significantly raise creation” and enhance its cameras and production equipment and software.