Oculus Rift Pornography is coming

Tired of being tethered to your own Computer while playing with porn games on your own Rift? Want urgently to help you to watch VirtualRealPorn.com videos while kicking it in the park, or in the back room at work (we do!)? Well consider your prayers answered as the long awaited oculus mobile headset – Gear VR – is eventually open to the hungry masses – for the purchase price 4 and $ 200.

Just what exactly is Gear VR? While at first glance it might seem that the high-tech apparatus is only a hyped up and potentially overpriced version of Google Cardboard, and though it is similar in the fact that they both allow you to turn stereoscopic stuff on your own smartphone into an interactive Virtual Reality experience, the similarities stop there.

The current iteration of the equipment, referred to formally as the “Innovator Edition” and aimed at (in Samsung’s own words) “progressive consumers, especially VR Headset Porn Enthusiasts , programmers, mobile specialists and professionals, and early technology adopters” is designed to (again, in Samsung-Speak) “empower users to entirely immerse themselves in a cinematic virtual reality environment”; and from that which we’ve seen, it does a good job of it.
Featuring a 96deg Field of View and being entirely un-tethered, the lightweight apparatus could soon allow users to experience porn-on-the-go in a sense that only is not possible yet everywhere else aside from walking around with the Rift and plopping a notebook in a backpack.
No cords means you could bring this matter pretty much wherever you wished to be, so plane trips and commutes could become very interesting indeed; and rather than use the sensors already built into the Galaxy Note cellphone, the device features its own built in accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and proximity sensors to supply the simplest experience possible on such small hardware.
I’m not seeing anything honey, I’m just closing my eyes….

The list of launch titles for the apparatus is somewhat modest, with just some of formally recognized