HideMyAss VPN Service Review 2018

The VPN service of HideMyAss is a product of AVG Technologies, one of the largest anti-virus manufacturers in the world. Thus, HideMyAss benefits from the many years of experience of AVG, which has specialized in security software since 1991.

AVG Technologies is one of the few software vendors that does not market its own VPN software under its own name, such as “AVG VPN”, but markets the brand name “HideMyAss” separately. With great success, because the name HideMyAss is now well-known and widespread in the scene. By the way, HideMyAss is also known in the hacker scene as HMA.

Installation and operation of HideMyAss VPN 2018

The installation of HideMyAss is very easy even for the average user. With just one click HideMyAss installs itself on the home computer, both under Mac and on the PC and starts its service immediately. Especially in 2017, users complained that after the installation of some VPN tools, the entire Internet connection was paralyzed.

This is because some VPN programs change the DNS and IP settings of the computer immediately and without announcement, which is why above all serious VPN providers distance themselves from such unwanted system adjustments (called tweaks in technical jargon) – so also HideMyAss: After the installation everything runs as usual with HideMyAss and as if nothing happened. Furthermore, HideMyAss has adapted so well to the current updates of Windows 10 in 2018 that there is also talk in the community of an immense progress in the simplicity and compatibility of the VPN tool.

The use of HideMyAss is optimized for experts as well as beginners. The interface is very simple. Immediately after opening the VPN software with a click on the icon, one must enter the user name and password received from the manufacturer. It is not immediately obvious that in Windows 10 you have to start the tool as administrator with the right mouse button. From a list of countries, you finally choose under which flag you want to surf and click on “Connect to VPN”. A few seconds later you are already anonymous.

Speed Of HideMyAss VPN 2018

Users can choose from a list of about 200 countries and 730 servers (as of July 2018, i.e. HideMyAss logs into one of these servers as VPN server and from now on any data transfer no longer runs via the in-house connection but via this server. Since all these servers do not store any data, data exchange takes place on these servers in these countries. In addition, these servers do not log user histories.

The speed of the servers strongly depends on how far the respective countries are from their own place. Therefore it is necessary to find the favorites where the speed is sufficient for you. But searching is simplified by HideMyAss: A very positive feature is the so-called Speed Guide. This immediately shows which servers offer which speed. So you don’t have to log in and out to explore the speed.

Due to the unusually high selection of servers there are of course also some lame ducks. Overall one can say, however, that especially from Germany very fast servers up to 3 Mbit/s could be found without problems.

Reliability Of HideMyAss VPN 2018

The security of HideMyAss is undeniable. All used HideMyAss servers have already been discussed in the hacker community. Who surfs in the relevant forums, can have a closer look at the server tests. The conclusion is that the servers are already known in the scene and are only used for the purpose of anonymous surfing by other organizations that attach great importance to anonymity.

This means that no data is stored on any of these servers. Histories are already deleted while surfing – especially since the connection between local computer and server is also completely anonymous and encrypted. Even if the servers in the respective countries should be capped, there are no connection protocols, logbooks or other hints that could enable a traceability. And that is exactly the point of an anonymous connection. With its flagship product HideMyAss, AVG Technologies undoubtedly takes its work very seriously.

Price Performance Of HideMyAss VPN 2018

As far as price is concerned, there are certainly cheaper alternatives in the VPN world. Of course you can also access the free VPN servers, which are criticized in many ways. On the one hand, speed is a big problem. On the other hand, the security of the many free VPN servers has not yet been tested. To cut a long story short: If you rely on free VPN tools, you basically don’t know what you’re getting into.

HideMyAss justifies its price with many different factors. On the one hand, the guarantee of anonymity of the respective servers must be mentioned here. On the other hand, the immense selection of servers. Managing over 170 servers with quality policies is not an easy task. But the large selection of servers guarantees the high speed of the VPN servers. With the unique Speed Guide feature, users can connect directly from the large selection to the fastest server immediately. This convenience, guarantee and quality is no coincidence and is ultimately reflected in the price.

Thus one can say that the price performance is absolutely appropriate in this case with HideMyAss, even if at present Hide-My-Ass belongs to the most expensive VPN tools at the market. If you want it a little cheaper, you can use NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but you have to expect less features and, depending on the current status of the providers, lower speeds, especially since we could only discover the feature Speed Guide with HideMyAss in this way.

Technical Support For HideMyAss VPN 2018

The support offered by HideMyAss is initially limited to the three online channels such as the existing knowledge base and the online forum. The online forum is an insider’s tip for users who occasionally encounter technical challenges, either during installation, updating or other tasks. Because one is in no way dependent on other members of the forum, because the coworkers of HideMyAss answer.

And in almost all cases a case number is generated and you are contacted personally by email. There is also chat support where you can chat with an employee in real time. Almost all reviews report excellent support.