EarthVPN Service Review 2018

EarthVPN is a NORD-Cypriot VPN provider which offers a low price, extensive VPN locations and high anonymity. 32 VPN countries and easy-to-use software for all devices.
What more do you need? This starts with reliability.

The EarthVPN servers are anything but that, in our test we found 3 to 4 servers every day which simply could not be reached. Then it came to the fact that some servers were so and for us inexplicably slow. Apparently there are rough configuration problems here on the part of the provider.

No Benefits From The Software

The software seems to be outdated for a long time. The presentation as well as the range of functions of the access software did not really inspire anyone 5 years ago, and certainly does not today. Not to mention security measures that would prevent use even without an active VPN tunnel.

Customer service? Far From It

The questions we were asked and which we forwarded to the customer service were all only viewed after days at all (ticket system) of 5 questions 4 were simply deleted and only one was answered, but not satisfactory either. That always other coworkers wrote back (allegedly) that however the same spelling and grammar errors made is more than strange. Basically, we assume that the entire service is provided by only one person. Therefore no service worthy of the name.

Advantage: Payment Also By PaySafeCard

The only really good point we could find is that EarthVPN also accepts the PaySafeCard as payment method. But of course this is also a disadvantage, because basically, if you are not satisfied with it, you just have to say goodbye to the money-back-guarantee, because this is excluded! But there are hardly any providers who offer this means of payment any more, so it is just a small plus point that speaks for this provider.

EarthVPN locations worldwide:


The provider EarthVPN did not convince us. Failed VPN servers, slow connections, and a customer service that doesn’t deserve its name. Basically, one can only advise to keep one’s hands off it. In our test of customer services we repeatedly had to deal with allegedly different people, but we believe that this was always just one person who simply gave himself different names and then with high-flown titles. So the service is neither serious nor recommendable and hard at a rip-off.