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Just like handball sports themselves, handball betting is also very popular – handball betting offers need not shy away from comparison with those in many other sports. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that Germany is home to the world’s strongest handball league. The Handball Bundesliga is home to many of the best players on the international scene as well as the elite of the local handball sport.

And no less than nine different teams (Federal Republic of Germany and GDR) have crowned themselves 19 times in the course of history as the winners of Europe’s top handball league, the EHF Champions League.

With an average of almost 5,000 spectators per Bundesliga match, they are clearly ahead of the other elite classes on the continent and all over the world. The home matches of record champions and Liga-Krösus THW Kiel alone are watched by more than 10,000 people every time in the Sparkassen Arena in Kiel.

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So it’s no wonder that handball in Germany is also very popular among the sports bettors. Behind football, tennis and ice hockey, the fast and exciting indoor sport ranks fourth in terms of stakes in local betting offices and online bookmakers. Icon colour palette

For this reason, no betting provider who wants to stay in business longer in Germany can afford to do without an attractive and, above all, wide range of products. As far as the number and structure of the various markets are concerned, they even display a great deal of creativity.

Large selection of different bet types

“Victory, draw or defeat” is of course once again the most important question. The winning bets are clearly in the focus of the Tipper community. Although they are rather rare in handball because of the high hit rates, they usually take the form of three-way bets.

  • The tips for a victory of the home team (1), the guest team (2) or a draw (X) also give this bet form the name 1X2 bet.
  • Because a draw is quite rare, betting fans who have correctly predicted such a draw can enjoy particularly high odds.

A brake pad for the favourite

If the odds are rather low for the favourite to win, it is often worth letting him start the game with a certain disadvantage so that his chances of winning are reduced. In this case we are talking about a handicap bet.

In this case, one of the two teams gets a certain number of goals deducted from its final result and the winning tip only works if, despite this disadvantage, a lead remains. In many cases the betting providers set the handicaps in such a way that the victory odds for both teams are almost equal.

  1. In two out of three cases, the sports tipper wins with a double chance bet. In the familiar three-way mode, he not only receives a payout if his team wins, but also if the team only wins a draw.
  2. However, instead of betting on a team’s victory or a draw, it is also possible to bet on the success of one of the two opponents, excluding a draw.
  3. Because of the better chances of a correct tip, the odds for such a double chance bet, compared to the three-way variant, are noticeably lowered.

The top 5 of the most popular handball bets in Germany are completed by halftime bets. The simplest variant is the forecast of the winner of the first or second half. More complex are bets on different result combinations of first and second half.

Live betting increases the excitement in the game

A very special form of betting, and therefore not to be found in all bookies, is that on occurrence and success of 7-meter throws. Such a 7-meter is about the same as a penalty kick in football and is the penalty for a foul that prevents an opponent from scoring a clear goal.

Due to frequent leadership changes and the special importance of ‘momentum’, also known as ‘run’, after successful actions, live betting in handball is very popular. This gives sports tippers the opportunity to adapt their bets to the current game situation in a flash.

Since handball unfortunately does not have the permanent presence of football in media coverage, the video streams of handball matches, which are available from many bookmakers, prove to be extremely practical for tips in real time.