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Bitcoin & Co.: Which taxes apply?

Speculating with cryptos: In addition to the well-known Bitcoin, there are several thousand other so-called cyber currencies. But those who make profits with digital money often have to pay tax on them. However, there are doubts as to whether a tax is legal here.

According to surveys, about four percent of Germans own “cryptocurrencies” and many of them are using margin trading to profit. The significant increases in value in recent months have made digital money interesting. However, even if many consider their investment in the new means of payment more like gambling: The taxman wants to make a profit in many cases.

Bitcoin & CoThose who directly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Dashcoin and the like basically have a speculation period of one year. This means that if the “cryptocurrency” is sold at a profit after the expiration of twelve months, the tax office gets nothing. Up to this point, however, it does. In this case, the person concerned must pay tax on the realized price gain at his personal tax rate. Up to 45 percent then goes to the tax authorities. If applicable, a solidarity surcharge and church tax will also be deducted.

However, the tax office is left empty-handed in the case of a small plus: There is an exemption limit of 600 euros. However, if this sum is only slightly exceeded, the entire profit must be taxed at the personal rate.

Beware: anyone who makes purchases with their “cryptocurrency” and uses it to pay for a Tesla, for example, is not immune from tax. Within the one-year period, a price gain must also be taxed in this case.

Advantage: Bitcoin losses reduce tax burden

Anyone who has speculated and made losses with their “cryptocurrencies” can declare these in their tax return. Here, too, the one-year deadline applies. Anyone who is in the red with their digital money should therefore sell the “cybercurrency” within the one-year period. The losses can then be offset against gains from private sales transactions in the current year or future years to save tax.

In case of theft of Bitcoin: Tax office does not recognize loss

theft of BitcoinIt happens again and again that Bitcoin are stolen via the Internet. In this case, the tax offices do not recognize the loss for tax purposes. This is true even if the theft and thus the total loss occurred within one year after the purchase. The reasoning: theft does not constitute a sale transaction within the meaning of Section 23 of the Income Tax Act.

Is the tax on cryptocurrencies legal at all?

It is disputed whether profits from the sale of “cryptocurrencies are any business at all of the tax office. The Nuremberg Fiscal Court has expressed doubts about taxation as part of a private sales transaction within the meaning of Section 23 EStG.

Tip: If the tax office wants you to pay tax on cyber money gains, file an appeal against the tax assessment and refer to the decision of the Nuremberg Fiscal Court. Then it’s a matter of waiting to see what the possibly highest instance decides.

ETFs with “cryptocurrencies” are taxed differently

ETFsFor investors who do not directly buy a “cryptocurrency” and instead bet on cyber money with an ETF, i.e. an exchange-traded fund, a different rule applies. Here, the final withholding tax of 25 percent plus solidarity surcharge and possibly church tax must be paid on realized gains – just as with other funds and shares.

For such capital investments, there is an exemption amount of 801 euros (1,602 euros for jointly assessed partners). The investor can issue an exemption order to his bank for this amount.

Things get a bit more complicated with other exchange-traded securities: the so-called ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities). If an ETC grants the customer the right to actually have the “cryptocurrency” delivered, the one-year period applies as with a direct investment. If there is no right to delivery, the rule with the settlement tax applies.

Which arguments could convince Warren Buffett of Bitcoin?

Warren Buffett is considered an outspoken crypto critic. But for a long time the investor was similarly hostile to tech companies – until he changed his focus.

  1. Bitcoin critic Warren Buffett still sceptical
  2. Starinvestor was for years also opponent of Tech titles
  3. Can a changed focus convince Buffett of crypto currencies?

Again and again, star investor Warren Buffett has in the past raged against crypto currencies in general and the Bitcoin in particular. And also his right hand Charlie Munger has not left good hair on Bitcoin & Co. so far. No one can deny the sucess of btc anymore, recently bitmex hit new volume records, see

Sharp criticism from Warren Buffett

As early as 2014, Warren Buffett made it clear what, in his opinion, speaks against the crypto currency Bitcoin when it was going parabolic (learn more: “Stay away from it. It’s a mirage, basically. The idea that it has a great intrinsic value is, in my opinion, just a joke.” Since then, the star investor has supported his opinion several times, and Bitcoin has always clearly distinguished himself from investments: “If you want to gamble, someone else will come and pay more money tomorrow, it’s a kind of game. It’s not an investment,” he said, stressing the difference between speculative objects like Bitcoin and real investments. He himself would never invest money in cyberdevisen and could “almost say with certainty that crypto currencies will bring about a bad end”.

Buffett’s right hand, Charlie Munger, found much more drastic words, describing Bitcoin as a “poisonous poison” that he abhorred at the very first moment it appeared. “The more popular Bitcoin became, the more I hated him,” the Berkshire Hathaway vice president added.

Memories of tech dislike awaken

Buffett had once expressed similar rejection, albeit in less dramatic words, of titles from the tech industry. Berkshire’s management team avoided tech stocks for a long time because they did not match the investment criteria of the holding company, which invests in undervalued stocks and holds them for the long term. In the past, Buffett has stressed several times that he would only invest in stocks whose business model he understands – not tech stocks.

But those days are over: in the meantime Warren Buffett is not only one of the biggest shareholders of the tech giant Apple, after he let his investment managers convince him of the advantages of the stock in 2016. In May of this year, it became known that the stock market legend had also bought shares in Amazon for the first time – even though Buffett admitted not to have made the purchase himself, but “one of the guys from the office who manages money”. Before that, however, the star investor had repeatedly pointed out that it was a mistake not to include Amazon in the portfolio much earlier.

What convinced Buffett?

The Berkshire leadership’s change of heart with regard to tech stocks was due in particular to a reinterpretation: For Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, Apple and Amazon are not tech stocks in the true sense of the word, but service companies – and the star investor has them in his portfolio. Apple is currently working on its future after the iPhone and has already reported its first successes with the latest quarterly figures.

And Amazon is active in so many business areas that even Buffett had to admit: “What Bezos has achieved there comes close to a miracle”. One of the company’s biggest growth drivers is AWS Products and Services, which also focuses on services.

Can Buffett’s opinion about Bitcoin change?

Against this background, the question arises as to whether a change in the nature of crypto currencies could also change Buffett’s mind about this type of investment. Because if the digital tokens actually gain a foothold in the general public, they could at least be a means of paying for goods and services – also and especially in the digital world in which Amazon and Apple are active. For Buffett, however, this question does not arise for the time being. “It’s just a method of transmitting money, an effective method that also works anonymously. But so can a cheque. Are cheques worth a lot of money just because they can transfer money,” he criticized the value of Bitcoin.

He does not see a competitive advantage either, the technology can be copied very quickly, according to the star investor. Unlike Apple and Amazon, which are pioneers or dominant market players in some of their business areas, crypto currencies do not have a unique selling point for him.

What makes things even more difficult is the fact that Buffett only invests in things he understands – because of the complicated algorithms, Bitcoin is likely to remain a book with seven seals for many investors.

It is therefore unlikely that Warren Buffett will change his mind about Bitcoin in the near future. This is what Charlie Lee, the founder of the crypto currency Litecoin, believes: “It is not possible to convince him. He is not investing in technology. He is not invested in Bitcoin, nor will he be in the future. And that’s not surprising at all”.

Will BTC fall again?

Analysts believe Bitcoin is on its way to $7,600 as bear market fractal continues to unfold in 2018! This will also effect cloud mining. Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have recently been under significant selling pressure, pushing the Bitcoin price below $10,000. And this has put the recent rise in the crypto currency into serious jeopardy.

Analysts are now finding that a similar fractal pattern is developing as in the course of the 2018 bear market, which could mean that BTC is moving towards $7,600 in the near future. If you are getting paid in Bitcoin, make sure you are aware of this!

Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000 as BTC Bears Show Significant Strength

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $9,950, well below its daily high of almost $10,400.

  • This surge in negative price action was first triggered last week when BTC rose sharply to highs of $11,000 before being quickly rejected and sinking towards the current price level.
  • Importantly, this bearish price action signals that bulls, despite the attempt to push Bitcoin above $11,000, do not currently have significant strength.
  • This could lead to difficulties for the crypto currency in the coming days and weeks as it continues to form lower lows.

Popular crypto currency analyst Josh Rager now talked on Twitter about Bitcoin’s bearish price action and explained that the crypto dad could concentrate on $8,975 next if selling pressure continues to increase.

$BTC appears to be creating lower highs and lows on the daily chart. The open and support areas on the weekly chart are marked, with the previous support possibly turning into resistance. If confirmed, I observe the following weekly support at $8975 as a possible target, he writes.

The 2018 bearish BTC fractal could expand

It is also possible that Bitcoin is currently validating a similar fractal pattern to that formed in the 2018 bear market. This could mean that its price will next reach $7,600.

  • Chonis Trading, another popular cryptoanalyst, wrote on Twitter about this possibility and explained that this fractal pattern could lower the Bitcoin price to $7,600 in the near future.
  • “$BTC – If the 2018 ‘fractal’ bear market continues to develop in an obviously similar pattern to today’s, #bitcoin is on its way to 8th place,” he explained, referring to the chart below.

Although it is still unclear whether this pattern will actually be confirmed in the coming days and weeks or not, it seems fairly certain that BTC will continue to face strong selling pressure in the near future.

How large is the CO2 footprint of the Bitcoin?

How large the CO2 footprint of the Biotcoin network is depends on where the computers are located and what the electricity mix looks like there. According to, BTC will change the worlds financial system. Is it worth the environmental cost?

CO2 footprint like Jordan or Hamburg: The crypto currency Bitcoin now requires around 46 terawatt hours of electricity per year for its computing operations. In order to cover this energy requirement, around 22 megatons of carbon dioxide are released annually, as the most detailed study to date of the Bitcoin’s energy balance reveals. The CO2 footprint of the crypto currency thus corresponds to that of a small country or the city of Hamburg.

Crypto currencies are in vogue, because thanks to the blockchain principle, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co financial transactions can be processed decentrally yet securely. The catch, however, is that the necessary computing processes are complex and Bitcoin mining therefore consumes a lot of energy – and the trend is rising. Because the crypto calculations to be solved are becoming increasingly difficult, the computing power required for a Bitcoin quadrupled in 2018 alone. More information about bitcoin at

IPO and mining pool as data source

Researchers have already tried to determine how much electricity the Bitcoin network requires and what CO2 emissions it causes. However, the large Bitcoin miners in particular have so far only disclosed sparse data about their plants. But the IPO of three major manufacturers of mining hardware in 2018 has now given Christian Stoll of the Technical University of Munich and his team the chance to gain more insight.

From the documents submitted at the IPO, the researchers determined the market shares and energy efficiency of the individual computer models from Bitmain, Ebang and Canaan. To be able to calculate power consumption more accurately, they included the size and type of Bitcoin systems: “The range extends from students to gamers who make their graphics cards available for Bitcoin mining during breaks to specialized cryptomining farms,” explain Stoll and his team.

While smaller, private Bitcoin miners only need electricity for their computers, large systems have additional energy consumption for cooling, transformers and other accessories. In order to determine the proportions of the different types of miners, the scientists analysed, among other things, the distribution in the slush pool, a public association of various Bitcoin miners.

Power consumption of 46 terawatt hours

The result: In November 2018, the annual power consumption of the Bitcoin network was around 45.8 terawatt hours – assuming the lower limit of the possible range. To meet this demand, more than five large power plants have to run at full load throughout the year. Since 2016, energy consumption has also risen relatively steadily, from 345 megawatts at the end of 2016 to 5,232 megawatts at the end of 2018, as the researchers calculated.

But how does this affect the CO2 footprint of the Bitcoin system? To clarify this, the researchers determined in which countries the computers of the Bitcoin Miners are located and what the energy mix of the power grids looks like there. They localised the location of the mining facilities both via the IP addresses in the statistics of the two largest pools and via special software that detects the IP addresses of the nodes that add a new block to the Bitcoin block chain.

68 percent of computing power in Asia

The evaluation showed that 68 percent of the computing power in the Bitcoin network is concentrated in the Asian region – above all in China. A good half of the mining facilities there are located in the hydropower-supplied south of China, the rest, however, work in northern China, where coal-fired power supplies a large part of the energy. For the CO2 footprint of the Bitcoin miners in China, the researchers have thus arrived at a balance of 550 grams of CO2 per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed.

Another 17 percent of the computing power of the Bitcoin miners is in Europe, 15 percent in North America, according to Stoll and his team. They also determined the CO2 footprint from the electricity mix of these regions.

CO2 footprint like Hamburg

Overall, the researchers come to the conclusion that the Bitcoin system produces between 22 and 22.9 megatons of carbon dioxide per year. “This corresponds to an amount that lies between the CO2 emissions of Jordan and Sri Lanka,” says Stoll and his colleagues. “The CO2 equivalent of the Bitcoin thus lies between 82 and 83 in the list of global emitters. In Germany, this value would be comparable with the CO2 footprint of the city of Hamburg.

“Even if there are more important factors for climate change: The CO2 footprint is so large that it provides sufficient reason to discuss the regulation of crypto-mining at sites with CO2-intensive electricity production,” says Stoll. The scientists argue that in future the mining facilities of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies should be relocated even more to locations where sufficient electricity from renewable energies is available.

Pay For Porn With Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Porn As A Billion-Dollar Business: RedBUX Realizes It On The Blockchain

The German startup me.mento3D based in Berlin develops the brothel of the future. Until now, users could only see favorite erotic stars in videos or via LiveCam, now they can actually interact with their star in the crypto runhouse vrXcity. Virtual reality makes – and yes we say it – sex more tangible, three-dimensional (3D) and a new sensational experience, as you can forefeel on this free psvr porn website and other service sites in that area. And yes, it should be fun.

Do it, that’s the only thing I can say! The special thing is that the slippery services can be paid for with cryptocurrencies, specifically with the redBUX token. What used to cause embarrassing questions on account statements now runs easily, securely and, thanks to blockchain technology, anonymously and without attracting attention. The blockchain porn specialist me.mento3D launches an Initial Coin Offering and offers redBUX tokens with which you can get so-called adult services. The shooting star me.mento3D dares to enter new territory.

vr porn sceneWhile Crypto Porn, Spankchain and other relevant ICOs are already pushing their way onto the market in the USA, nothing of slippery crypto services has yet been seen in Europe. redBUX will now heat up the market considerably. The porn industry is a billion dollar business.

The redBUX crypto token has aroused strong interest among potential strategic partners with more than 100(!) million customers who want to act as additional acceptance points for the crypto currency of me.mento3D and as content suppliers for vrXcity. With Wicked Pictures, me.mento3D has already gained one of the market-dominating US porn production companies as a strategic partner. In total, more than a thousand models and webcam girls are under contract with Wicked Pictures.

Strong partners are of decisive importance for the success of the redBUX token, because only with them could redBUX become the dominant token of the erotic industry. me.mento3D now leads the field and will acquire further high-quality content as a first mover and establish the world’s first interactive VR erotic platform in which redBUX tokens are the means of payment.

No doubt, combining blockchain technology with virtual reality is sexy. Thanks to HoloLens glasses that are already mainly used for movies from, me.mento3D creates the brothel of the future, which is not only for viewing, but also for touching. For the oldest trade, it was only a matter of time before this would happen. The payment with redBUX token runs virtually, VR sex becomes real. Ingenious!

Pornhub Accepts Verge As Cryptocurrency

Verge websiteThe Pornhub website has announced that the Verge cryptocurrency will be accepted as a means of payment. In a blog post Pornhub explained the reasons for this step:

The future has come. As we want to protect the privacy of our visitors, Pornhub will now accept Verge as a payment method for services such as Pornhub Premium and other services on the platform. Building on Verge’s values of security and anonymity, the introduction of the crypto currency is another step towards the future for the industry, which is always at the cutting edge of technology.

In March 2018, Verge announced a mysterious partnership that required 75 million Verge (approximately USD 3,100,000). The partnership could not be guaranteed, but the community managed to raise the money.

Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, announced the partnership in a press release:

History has shown that the adult entertainment industry plays a critical role in introducing innovative technologies. We’ve seen that with VHS, Beta Max, credit card payment symbols and most recently VR glasses. We expect crypto and blockchain to be widespread soon.

According to Price, it wasn’t Verge on Pornhub but Pornhub on Verge. The company would have deliberately turned to the Verge team. Currently, Pornhub only uses Verge as its crypto currency. It is questionable whether other crypto coins will follow in the future. The volatility is deterring the company and Price:

The volatility of cryptocurrencies affects subscriptions with recurring payments. Therefore, we do not offer crypto for recurring payments, although we try to do so in the future.

Porn Industry & Cryptocurrencies

Actually, these two areas fit together perfectly. Cryptocurrencies are at least pseudonymous and users could protect their privacy. However, it took a long time for this industry to become aware of crypto technology.

Pornhub was the first major porn partner to be won. Possibly in the future further cryptocurrencies are accepted or however the Pornhub network – consisting of Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and others – implements Verge as cryptocurrency.

According to google Internet pornography has a daily turnover of 12.5 million euros. An industry that can be quite lucrative for cryptocurrencies.

22Bet – BTC Casino Review

When players hear the name 22Bet, they probably won’t think of an online casino for a moment. But with it they lie only partially correct. 22Bet has indeed also a very extensive sport bet offer at the start – however beyond that a Casino range is to the customers at the disposal.

We looked at this casino area once more exactly and put the focus thereby on some categories. These include the bonus, payment methods, mobile gaming and, of course, the range of casino games. A very popular game at 22bet is scratch dice, read more at about this game. The casino is operated by the Orakum N.V., which has its seat on Curacao. A license of the gambling authority there is thus available.

Unfortunately there is with this offerer not yet the completely large selection at further actions for inventory customers. There is one or other Reload bonus, but the actually interesting action, the Bet Points, are up-to-date still not at all a component of the offer – although they are already angepriesen on the web page.

22Bet Casino new customer bonus

22Bet Casino offers new customers a double bonus. It is distributed over two deposits:

  • Deposit: 122 percent up to 50 euros
  • Deposit: 22 percent up to 50 euros

Admittedly, the bonus at 22Bet is a little strange at first glance. However, this is primarily due to the fact that the provider starts with quite unusual percentages in order to increase the value of customers’ deposits. The first deposit is revalued by 122 per cent. The maximum bonus money is 50 euros. In order to claim this bonus, a deposit of only one euro is sufficient.

However, players must have explicitly selected this offer in advance. With the second bonus also a maximum amount of 50 euro bonus money is paid out. And also for this a deposit of one Euro is sufficient. However the deposit in this case is not increased by 122 per cent, but by 22 per cent.

22Bet Casino wagering policy

However, the sales conditions for this bonus are then again more classical in nature. The two deposit bonuses must be converted 50 times before a withdrawal can be made. The turnover can be made not only in the casino, but also in sports betting. The maximum payout is the originally granted bonus amount.

Slot machines are mostly rated at 100 percent. This means that the stakes on these machines are fully evaluated against the money to be converted. There are exceptions, however, which are mentioned in the general terms and conditions. Card games and table games come off much worse. They are only rated with five percent.

When playing with the bonus, the maximum bet per round or spin is five euros. The deadline, in which the turnover conditions must be fulfilled, may seem a little short at first glance. It is only seven days. However, given that the maximum bonus is 50 Euros, this deadline is still reasonable.

At is another gambling review about which gets more into detail with bonus conditions.

22Bet sports bets – fraud or serious?

Of course it concerns with 22Bet a respectable offerer of the scene. If it were a dubious representative of the guild, he would have disappeared from the market after only a short time. Of course, this is not the only clue for security and seriousness. The license from Curacao mentioned at the beginning also plays a very important role.

If a provider doesn’t have such a license, then you as a customer should keep your hands off this bookie. The fact is that they don’t get such a license for free, but have to do something about it. For example, they have to make sure that customers’ data and payment information is secure.

Although 22Bet cannot look too deeply into the technical cards in this respect, one can confidently assume that these points will be met – otherwise licensing would certainly not have been successful.

Gambling addiction prevention at 22Bet

Another point that is important in general gambling is the prevention of gambling addiction. Here we must “reprimand” 22Bet a little bit While other providers from the area of online casinos or sports betting have already placed such an area clearly visible on their home pages, one looks for it there at 22Bet in vain. Only in the general AGB there is a reference to the responsible playing. And even there the offerer runs a little behind the music.

Although 22Bet offers help with your own problems or problems that you would expect from friends and relatives, there is a lack of things like trend-setting self-tests or web addresses of aid organizations.

The provider merely points out that in case of doubt he should turn to experts, but leaves the customer quite alone in this respect compared to some other providers. At least there is the option of initiating preventive measures – such as self-exclusion – via support.

Bonus with 22Bet sports bets

At 22Bet, new customers have a bonus offer at their disposal. This consists of two separate parts. There is a conventional first deposit bonus, which already applies from a deposit sum of one euro. The first deposit is revalued here around 122 per cent and brings in maximally 50 euro. In addition, 22 Bet Points will also be credited. A bonus for the second deposit to the customer account is also available. Here the deposit is increased by 22 per cent, the maximum bonus value is likewise with 50 euro. As with the first offer, a deposit at a value of only one euro is sufficient. The 22 Bet Points are also part of the offer.

The sales conditions with 22Bet sport bets

The two bonus offers must be unlocked with combination bets. The same turnover conditions apply to both bonuses. With these so-called accumulator bets, customers must bet on at least three games with a odds of 1.40 or higher. In order to clear the bonus in accordance with the turnover conditions, the bonus amount must be converted five times.

The makers of 22Bet have also included a deadline in the offer. Within seven days the turnover conditions have to be fulfilled. If the players succeed, the remaining balance will be converted into real money. However, the amount must not be greater than the original bonus amount! Who has deposited by Bitcoin, BCH, DOGE or LTC, can not use this offer. By the way, the customers have the chance to implement this bonus not only in the sports betting area of 22Bet. The casino is also available for this with separate conditions.

22Bet Sports Betting Bonus Offers for Existing Customers

At 22Bet there is an offer for existing customers. But why this does not always make sense is explained in the following lines.

  • There is a reload bonus and a double reload bonus. The reload bonus is activated when players deposit on a Friday.
  • Up to 122 Euro and 22 Bet Points can be earned.
  • The double reload bonus also offers these maximum values, but can only be used if the customer has already made use of the conventional reload bonus.
  • However, the attentive reader will probably ask himself what he can do with the Bet Points. Unfortunately we must remain at this point the answer guilty. The offerer has the Bet Points not yet at all finally inserted.
  • The demand with the not always competent support resulted in that one works at present still on the structure approximately around the Bet Points. Also on the question whether the Bet Points apply exclusively to the sport bet range or in addition, to the Casino, we received no satisfying answer.
  • This naturally raises the question of why a provider advertises an offer without having firmly approved its structure and functionality at all. This process is highly unfortunate as it misleads and frustrates the player.

Bet offer with 22Bet sport bets

The betting offer at 22Bet does not have to fear comparison with the competition. The players have the chance to pick their favorite sports out of a number. The betting offer includes the usual suspects such as football, handball, ice hockey or tennis. But it is not only these established sports that make up the offer.

Because among the disciplines there are also some unknown sports that are not so well known by the media, such as futsal, beach volleyball, streetball, hurling, other Gaelic sports as well as crossfit and pesepallo. The players also see exactly how many bets are hidden behind which sport. The corresponding numbers are displayed in brackets immediately after the name of the sport.

Within the sports different leagues and competitions are available. In football, for example, this applies not only to many international duels at club level, but also to a number of different leagues. Not only the highest leagues have made it into the offer, but also subclass competitions.

Betting Markets & Live Betting

The betting markets themselves also meet the standard and do not lag behind those of their competitors. You can choose between conventional three-way bets, combination bets, system bets or long-term bets.

Live betting is an area that has become a good thing for bookmakers. At 22Bet, players will find such an area on the main page. Here, too, the available bets are displayed in brackets immediately after the respective sport. The live menu is easy to use. What is unfortunately missing, however, is a calendar function with the help of which live bets can also be planned in the medium term or long term.

22Bet sports betting odds

The odds at 22Bet are certainly not bad, but they don’t seem outstanding either. The average odds key is between 93 and 94 percent. However, it should be noted that this value is naturally subject to fluctuations. These depend both on the attractiveness of the event and on the sport itself. If, for example, it is a sport that does not make too many waves, the key may well move downwards at some point. 22Bet is more likely to reach a midfield position in this area.

Operation of the 22Bet website

The handling of the website is appealing and should not pose too big problems for most users. The most important categories are easy to reach for the customers. The same applies to the information they need. As an example the bonus is valid here. The bonus offers are explained completely exactly, as soon as the player clicks in the offer range on more . However, 22Bet has to put up with criticism of the Bet Points. We already mentioned in one of the previous sections that there is no information about this – and with good reason. The offer is not finished yet.

The way to a finished bet, on the other hand, is simple. Using the menu on the left, the player selects the sport, the competition and the event. With a click on the desired odds, the player can move the event to the virtual betting slip. This is located on the right-hand side and lists all the necessary information. One info, however, unfortunately does not appear anywhere: the betting tax.

In the terms and conditions there are no references to the tax that providers have to pay who also allow German players to participate in the offer.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges 2018

Several factors play a role in determining which Bitcoin exchange is the best for you. In the last 6 months alone, more than a dozen new Bitcoin exchanges have been created. At this point it is important to choose the right Bitcoin exchange to have an easy entry into the Bitcoin world. At the same time you have to secure your transactions optimally. The issue of security when buying Bitcoin is at the forefront. Followed by the fees and the beginner friendliness.

The following ranking list presents the best Bitcoin exchanges according to these criteria for buyers who live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Important to note is whether one would like to buy Bitcoin with euro, US dollar or other currencies. Different stock exchanges offer different conditions. The list above shows the best exchanges for buying Bitcoin with Euro or US Dollar.

Are you buying Bitcoin for the first time?

In this case it is good if you consider the above criterion “beginner friendly”. Otherwise it can become quite confusing at the beginning with a new registration on a Bitcoin stock exchange. Many stock exchanges are aimed more at advanced Bitcoin buyers and offer a variety of charts and other crypto currencies for purchase. To find a good bitcoin exchange compare them at and pick the one best for your needs.

How can I buy Bitcoin on one of these exchanges?

First look through the list above and select 1-2 exchanges that meet your personal requirements. We recommend registering with more than one Bitcoin exchange, as the verification process is very different. With some exchanges you get the activation in a few hours, with others it takes several days. Therefore it is best to play it safe and register with several exchanges.

After the registration has been confirmed by the stock exchange, you will receive an email. After that you can log in directly with your account and see the customer area. Now it is time to deposit money which can be exchanged into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. With the deposit possibilities one has usually the selection from several options. Details are listed in the table above. After your money has been transferred to the stock exchange, you can then directly enter and order a Bitcoin purchase on the stock exchange. For the purchase most stock exchanges charge a fee which lies between 0.2 and 1.5% of the purchase value. This is very similar to buying securities from your bank.

In most cases, the purchase itself is completed within a few minutes. Immediately after the purchase (or sale) you see the entry on the stock exchange with the note “Pending” or “Note”. The actual trade in the background can take up to 10 minutes. In times when a lot of Bitcoin transactions take place, this can happen even more. But don’t worry, as soon as the transaction is marked, you have, so to speak, the confirmation of the stock exchange that everything is in the green.

Which is the largest Bitcoin stock exchange?

Worldwide this is Coinbase and its sister site GDAX. GDAX is mainly used for trading crypto currencies with each other, for example to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum. Not to exchange Euro or US Dollar for crypto currencies. In Europe the largest exchanges are eToro, IQ Option, and Coinmama.

When is the best time to buy?

A crisis is always a good opportunity. Never buy when everyone else does, it might be too late. There is an interesting article at Rosarionet.

Which is the best stock exchange to buy Bitcoin?

This cannot be answered in a general way because it depends very much on personal preferences. Similar to the various traditional banks, the customer service and the ambience at one bank is good and at the other bank not at all.

  • Stock exchanges with low fees, high security and a clear interface are important, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Here and IQ Option are especially recommended. Both also have a German interface. CEX.IO and Coinbase are also very clear, but there is only the English language option here.
  • Of course, an important point is also the deposit options. If, for example, you want to buy Bitcoin very quickly, the credit card option is recommended. Because a bank transfer often takes 2-4 working days.

You should know exactly what you do and  be aware of things like hyperinflation when you buy BTC. Read more about it at

How can I buy and store Bitcoin securely?

Please read our section about Bitcoin Wallets. We strongly recommend that you transfer your coins into a personal Bitcoin Wallet immediately after purchase. This can be an online wallet, a wallet on your mobile phone, a hardware wallet or a cold wallet. This order is ordered by security level, whereby a Bitcoin Cold Wallet is the most secure. There have been several cases in the past in which hackers have successfully gained access to user credit in some Bitcoin exchanges. The track record of the exchanges is reflected in the above table under the item “Reputation”.

Can I buy Bitcoin anonymously?

Today you can buy most anonymously.

PocketDice Bitcoin Casino

PocketDice is a very special Bitcoin Casino and has caused a sensation in the industry from the very beginning, because PocketDice is the first realistic Bitcoin Dice provider. The game is a lot of fun and can also be tried out for free. Unique is the design with the lifelike dice and the corresponding cup. PocketDice offers you a very fair 100% welcome bonus to get you started. So choose your bet and roll the dice!

Game offer

PocketDice, the original with the unique design, stands out from the usual Bitcoin Dice casinos not only because of its specialization, but also because of the great gaming experience it offers.

  • The dice fun works equally well on the desktop as well as on mobile devices.
  • PocketDice focuses on the roots of how a Dice game should really look and feel
  • Rolling dice instead of just a random generator – just like in a real land-based casino.
  • By the Provably Fair system in the play no manipulations are possible, so that the play passport remains unclouded at any time.
  • It should also be mentioned, however, that apart from Dice, unfortunately no other games are offered.

For more dice games at other casinos you can tage a look at and compare them.


At PocketDice Bitcoin Casino you will receive a full 100% bonus up to 1 BTC on your first deposit. This bonus is valid for a comfortable 30 days. Also for your second deposit there is a 50% bonus, up to 0.5 BTC. Both bonuses are linked to a turnover requirement of 700x each. PocketDice thus offers the fairest dice bonus of all Bitcoin casinos after the BTC Bitcoin Casino. Although you can withdraw your wager before the bonus conditions have been met in full, you will lose your bonus and any winnings from it. In the FAQ section of the casino site, all bonus terms are explained very nicely and transparently.


PocketDice has done a good job in terms of layout and design, so that everyone can find their way around the virtual dice platform right away. The fact that the casino site is only available in English doesn’t bother. For the cheerful virtual dice the provider uses a self-developed software.

The graphics are extremely inviting, the website is well organized and navigation is therefore child’s play. There is also a player chat at the edge of the site as well as a sound adjustment option. It is fair to say that PocketDice has revolutionized the way Dice is played on the Internet.


Since PocketDice is a Bitcoin casino, you can always rely on quick and easy payouts due to the exclusive use of crypto currency. Financial transactions are subject to a small fee of 0.1 to 0.2 mBTC. The minimum payout is 0.5 mBTC.

After you have confirmed your withdrawal request by e-mail, it will be very fast. Only very large amounts may require manual confirmation from the casino. You can track the transaction status at any time in your own cashier area.

Other Casinos

Crypto Betting – The Best Handball Sportsbook Suppliers

Just like handball sports themselves, handball betting is also very popular – handball betting offers need not shy away from comparison with those in many other sports. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that Germany is home to the world’s strongest handball league. The Handball Bundesliga is home to many of the best players on the international scene as well as the elite of the local handball sport.

And no less than nine different teams (Federal Republic of Germany and GDR) have crowned themselves 19 times in the course of history as the winners of Europe’s top handball league, the EHF Champions League.

With an average of almost 5,000 spectators per Bundesliga match, they are clearly ahead of the other elite classes on the continent and all over the world. The home matches of record champions and Liga-Krösus THW Kiel alone are watched by more than 10,000 people every time in the Sparkassen Arena in Kiel.

At you can bet with bitcoin on Handball games in different leagues.

So it’s no wonder that handball in Germany is also very popular among the sports bettors. Behind football, tennis and ice hockey, the fast and exciting indoor sport ranks fourth in terms of stakes in local betting offices and online bookmakers. Icon colour palette

For this reason, no betting provider who wants to stay in business longer in Germany can afford to do without an attractive and, above all, wide range of products. As far as the number and structure of the various markets are concerned, they even display a great deal of creativity.

Large selection of different bet types

“Victory, draw or defeat” is of course once again the most important question. The winning bets are clearly in the focus of the Tipper community. Although they are rather rare in handball because of the high hit rates, they usually take the form of three-way bets.

  • The tips for a victory of the home team (1), the guest team (2) or a draw (X) also give this bet form the name 1X2 bet.
  • Because a draw is quite rare, betting fans who have correctly predicted such a draw can enjoy particularly high odds.

A brake pad for the favourite

If the odds are rather low for the favourite to win, it is often worth letting him start the game with a certain disadvantage so that his chances of winning are reduced. In this case we are talking about a handicap bet.

In this case, one of the two teams gets a certain number of goals deducted from its final result and the winning tip only works if, despite this disadvantage, a lead remains. In many cases the betting providers set the handicaps in such a way that the victory odds for both teams are almost equal.

  1. In two out of three cases, the sports tipper wins with a double chance bet. In the familiar three-way mode, he not only receives a payout if his team wins, but also if the team only wins a draw.
  2. However, instead of betting on a team’s victory or a draw, it is also possible to bet on the success of one of the two opponents, excluding a draw.
  3. Because of the better chances of a correct tip, the odds for such a double chance bet, compared to the three-way variant, are noticeably lowered.

The top 5 of the most popular handball bets in Germany are completed by halftime bets. The simplest variant is the forecast of the winner of the first or second half. More complex are bets on different result combinations of first and second half.

Live betting increases the excitement in the game

A very special form of betting, and therefore not to be found in all bookies, is that on occurrence and success of 7-meter throws. Such a 7-meter is about the same as a penalty kick in football and is the penalty for a foul that prevents an opponent from scoring a clear goal.

Due to frequent leadership changes and the special importance of ‘momentum’, also known as ‘run’, after successful actions, live betting in handball is very popular. This gives sports tippers the opportunity to adapt their bets to the current game situation in a flash.

Since handball unfortunately does not have the permanent presence of football in media coverage, the video streams of handball matches, which are available from many bookmakers, prove to be extremely practical for tips in real time.

What Is A VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a popular web hosting model that belongs to the classic IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services of numerous Internet service providers. By definition, a virtual private server is a virtual machine (VM) that accesses the resources of a physical server and provides users with various server functionalities that are comparable to those of a dedicated server. This is also referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS).

In the commercial web hosting sector, a powerful physical machine usually houses several Virtual Private Servers, each of which has its own operating system (OS) and grants users full root access via the Internet. Thus, each server administrator works independently of other users on the same hardware basis. Hardware management is performed by a so-called hypervisor.

A software component that defines the virtual environment and provides each VPS with a share of the physical resources such as CPU, RAM or hard disk space. Root rights enable the user of a VPS to install all applications supported by the selected OS – this can include web server software, an email server or special applications such as e-commerce or blogging systems or specific gaming software.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A VPS?

The Virtual Private Server positions itself as a compromise between inexpensive shared hosting and the usually expensive rental of dedicated server technology. The idea behind this hosting model is to be able to offer users the widest possible range of functions at manageable prices. The virtual replication of individual computer systems on a common host system is much less time-consuming for a web host than the provision of separate hardware components for each individual customer. A high degree of independence of the individual guest systems is achieved by encapsulation. Each VPS on the common hardware basis acts shielded from other systems operated in parallel.

The share of hardware resources provided to each VPS by the hypervisor is usually predefined. Each user is thus guaranteed a certain minimum performance of his server. However, the actual performance of a VPS can be significantly higher than the guaranteed performance indicators during idle times of parallel systems, since the hypervisor shifts unused resources to the other systems.

Each VPS has its own operating system, so configuration errors or malware attacks only affect the affected OS; other virtual private servers on the same hardware basis are not affected by faulty processes. However, because a VPS grants the user full root access, the administration of such a server is much more complex than with shared hosting, where basic configurations and update management are performed by the web host.

Disadvantages of a VPS compared to a dedicated server are limitations in hardware usage and network resources. All virtual servers on a host system are controlled by a certain number of network cards and LAN connections, which is usually not the same as the number of VPSs.

A technically similar hosting model to the VPS is cloud hosting, in which billing is based on usage rather than flat rates.

Who Is The VPS Suitable For?

The Virtual Private Server web hosting model is aimed at experienced users who are looking for a tailor-made hosting basis for their online project, but cannot fall back on the budget required for a dedicated server. Due to the extensive range of functions of the VPS, operation on the public network is only recommended if you have basic knowledge of server administration.

While small company pages, blogs or information offers with a manageable number of visitors can also be successfully operated with simple shared hosting, virtual servers are primarily aimed at demanding web projects such as visitor-strong communities, medium-sized web shops or company presences, where even peak performance is to be absorbed by a solid hardware foundation with guaranteed performance.

In addition, by accessing the console, the VPS makes it possible to install software that is not included in typical shared hosting packages (e.g. Node.js, Ruby on Rails, NoSQL databases or Windows).

Thanks to manageable monthly costs and good scalability, the VPS is the ideal solution for medium-sized companies. Virtual servers can usually be upgraded quickly and easily. If a project requires more power than initially assumed, users simply switch to a corresponding tariff. Unlike dedicated server technology, upgrading a Virtual Private Server does not require data migration, as additional resources can be easily released through the hypervisor.