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It's been almost a year since we heard from legendary techno scientist Mike Hulme on U&A. He'd been busy holed up in his MADLAB somewhere north of Watford with a Chernobyl-sized phalanx of modular circuitry until we broke him out. Team U&A dusted him down from his boffinry and took him to Scotland where the impish Wicker-men plied him full of class A's and left him to dance around stone circles until the chimes of autumn snapped him out of his stupour. 

On returning, he downed his specs, and came through with two MASSIVE slices of ELECTRO-TECHNO in 'Set The Controls' & ' Sweet Inspiration'. The former is a perfectly formed grind-fest with super-subs and pin-prick-precise techno-wobblings, whilst on 'Sweet Inspiration' you can hear more than a hint of the Chemicals at their most psychedelic (I'm guessing the Class A's had begun to take hold ...).

So, for all the budding producers out there, now is the chance for you to GET INVOLVED with U&A and make yourselves heard. Mike has made a MASSIVE 44Mb REMIX PACK available of the parts of 'Sweet Inspiration' for FREE DOWNLOAD & your mission is to create something special to compliment a remix pack that already contains reworks from label boss ELITE FORCE and up & coming production kings HEDFLUX and THE LOOPS OF FURY. Entries must be received no later than 22nd November and will be short-listed down to the best five, announced on 26th November. The winning entry will be announced on 29th November and this will appear on the official U&A release of the remixes in December 2010.

Here's how you enter and the terms & conditions
(very important - please read them!)

1.) Listen to Original of 'Sweet Inspiration' >

2.) Download Remix Pack HERE >

3.) Remix track. Be creative. Be very hard on yourselves in maintaining the highest standards. There are no fixed styles we are looking for - U&A prides itself on a rich & varied output, although tracks that work on the dancefloor are our main focus & goal as a label.

4.) Send finished version ONLY as a 320k MP3 using Yousendit Link or similar to this email address no later than 22nd November >

5.) Make sure tracks are properly ID-tagged and labeled as follows [REMIX] Mike Hulme - Sweet Inspiration (Producer Name MIx).mp3 and that you include an email address in your correspondence - a link to a short bio/website would also be a good idea.

6.) All materials remain the material of U&A Recordings. Do not post free downloads, share the mixes or post Soundcloud links until the competition is over. As & when you do, please state that it was part of a remix competition for U&A and link to our Facebook Group >

7.) Please don't expect production tips, advice & feedback on individual tracks. If you are short-listed or a winner, rest-assured you will be notified.

8.) Good luck.