Burning Man 2012 : Simon Shackleton’s Sunrise Session

14. September 2012 @ 9:11 am/Mixes/News/uaarecs 2 Comments

So what is it that makes Burning Man so heightened, so personal, so life-affirming and indeed life-changing for so many of the participants that attend each year?

Musically speaking you are free: free from expectation, from reputation, from market forces, from promoter demands. You are free to engage in whatever way you see fit. I spend 12 months now preparing for Burning Man, musically speaking (well, to be honest it’s probably only 11, but the point remains …), collecting tracks as I go along, safe in the knowledge that if there’s one opportunity that arises all year to play *that* Boris Brejcha track, I will seize it with both hands. I lost track of how many people this year came up to me and said “I love how you are able to be completely your self when you’re out here”, and I couldn’t agree more. On the Playa there is no more ‘Elite Force’, no more ‘Zodiac Cartel’, there is just Simon Shackleton and my passion for music in all it’s guises.

To illustrate the point, here is the link to my 4hr 15min Sunrise set from Friday morning at the Nutz camp. This year’s set followed a pure fire & brimstone throw down at Opulent Temple complete with surprise rain shower (which will remembered long after the sounds have died away). The sunrise set has become something of an institution for me on the Playa. It comes just close enough to the end of the week to furnish me with that happy discombobulation that comes from 4 days of complete sleep depravation, untold stimulants & lashings of Bloody Marys. By Saturday, the nervous are starting to pack up & leave, whilst the overly-committed are never gonna leave, so it’s the perfect balance of being inspired, yet elegantly wasted.

I’m really proud of this mix & I hope you can find the time to enjoy it. It’s by Simon Shackleton.

2 Responses to Burning Man 2012 : Simon Shackleton’s Sunrise Session

  1. Layne says:

    Two hours? This mix made my BM musically. F*cking fantastic.

  2. Ralph Lawson says:

    nice one Simon, cool mix

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