Stuck in a Dream

15. September 2011 @ 8:01 am/Artists/Events/uaarecs 4 Comments

“I played on a giant bus with a wall of speakers on one side and heart suspended above. And then a tall man with a walking staff tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was time to go. All my friends were waiting for me on a giant white bed and we floated across the desert where I played house music for another three hours. There was a buffalo on a skate board and drinks were served from a motorized smurf cooler…”

Those are the words of my good friend Zach Moore who simply served up a concise and factual account of  one 7-hour chunk of my Burning Man experience this year.

4 Responses to Stuck in a Dream

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  3. joshbot says:

    The more times I go to Burning Man the more absurd the default world becomes. Personally I think that’s how things SHOULD BE.

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